HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES LLC is a Utah licensed and insured professional outfitter specializing in guided hunts for Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mt. Sheep, California Sheep, Elk, Mt. Goat, Mule Deer and Buffalo. We began guiding over 25 years ago after receiving requests from hunters to lead them into the geologic maze of isolated, rugged canyons, endless plateaus and mountain ranges in southern Utah. Knowing of our knowledge, experience and passion for hunting and exploring these areas our clients convinced us to take on a new challenge in our lives, "guiding them".

Now, many successful hunts/years later, our reputation has grown. The heart and soul of High Desert has been stamped by hard work, dedication, and willingness to provide each and every hunter we guide a quality, "Once In A Lifetime Hunt." With a unified commitment to harvesting quality, trophy animals, we guide for the pure love of wildlife and the incredible physical and mental challenges that accompany each hunt. The adrenalin rush and personal satisfaction of seeing the dreams of countless hunters come true is what makes the thousands of hours that we have spent over the years out in the field scouting for and finding the best in magnificient trophies worth it. Clients who have hunted with us are very loyal supporters, remaining our closest friends and part of our special hunting family for life.

We take great pride in providing a well organized hunt with extreme attention to the smallest details. You will find that we are very personable and work closely as a team to ensure not only your success but a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. We're always excited to get "out on the mountain" with hunters. Please take a few minutes to learn a little more about each one of our winning team at HIGH DESERT as you peruse our short bios!

Randy Johnson (co-owner/outfitter/guide) - Randy began hunting in the mountains of Utah with his grandfather and dad when he was only 7 years old! At an early age he

developed a passionate love for spending hours out in the wild hunting and learning the habits and routines of big game animals. He quickly became an expert in the outdoors and has personally taken more than his share of trophy animals. He is recognized for his willingness to take hunters as far into the remotest of canyons to find their animal. Randy is well known for finding some of the largest mule deer sheds ever found, his famous "Buck of Justice." He spent 6 years chasing this massive, unbelievable old monarch, in the desert of southern Utah, before this great buck met his demise in the jaws of a predator. During those years he gained even greater knowledge regarding the desert. He spends an unbelievable amount of time each year out on various units scouting. Randy's knowledge of the sheep hunting terrain in southern Utah is legendary. In 2003 he completed his personal quest for the Full Curl of North American Wild Sheep and is well on his way to the culmination of a second one. Randy was inducted into the inaugural Full Curl Hall of Fame in 2010 with 12 others in recognition for his service. He knows what it means to make difficult personal and family sacrifices to achieve a personal goal. Randy is passionate about sheep hunting and works tirelessly to encourage all of his clients, many whom he guides for minimal fees, to get involved with Utah FNAWS, SFW, the Full Curl Society, and other sportsmen organizations. He has been a great help to countless hunters having lost count of how many rams he has guided hunters to. He always wishes to share his vision with others for doing what it takes to assist the working man take a trophy animal or complete their personal quest for a Full Curl.

Brett Caldwell (co-owner, outfitter, guide) - Brett Caldwell fell in love with hunting while tagging along with his father Nolan as a young boy growing up in Salt Lake City. His

fascination with sheep hunting began in his teenage years, after reading stories written by the famous Jack O' Connor. He started hunting sheep in the unlimited areas of Montana and after that initial foray into the Big Sky Country Brett was hooked on chasing big rams and has been infected with sheep fever ever since. Guiding professionally since 1992 he has helped hunters successfully take their rams in Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Guiding has been a very rewarding experience for Brett, as he has met and affected the lives of so many great people in helping them achieve their dream. Brett's personality is contagious and he has made enduring friendships that will last a lifetime. He looks forward to the opportunity of establishing many more quality relationships with hunters. Brett is a "true legend" in the Escalante country of southern Utah and had the privilege of helping a hunter take the first Boone and Crockett desert ram ever taken in Utah in the formidable canyons of the Steven's Plateau. To date he has guided over 60 hunters on successful hunts, eight of whom completed their Grand Slams or Full Curl of North American sheep. Hunting is Brett's passion and he feels extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to do what he loves. Brett is tough as "iron" and has been on many marathon hunting trips to ensure that his clients are successful. BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL HUNT!