Thanks. You and Bret were amazing guides. Your level of service and dedication are second to none. You are both very professional as well as just plain good people. Hopefully you can now rest with less stress!! Thanks again. We spoke often of wanting this hunt to be a great experience. Well, I certainly had a great experience...and then some...and then some more! Every time I look at that ram on my wall the whole flood of experiences will come racing back. I've thought a lot about us speaking of being "snake bitten" during this hunt. In retrospect I don't think that is an accurate statement. I think getting to spend over 30 days with good friends and family in rugged wilderness, seeing around 150 beautiful rams, and working repeatedly to near exhaustion (both mentally as well as physically) is anything but being snake bit. I don't know how much (if any) God really cares about my success in hunting but I do know that beginning long before we started actually hunting I was praying that this hunt that could complete 2 very long term and significant goals of mine (Full Curl and North American 27) would be extra meaningful to me. As I reflect back on it now, I honestly don't know how it could have accomplished that purpose any better. Winning in triple overtime will always be far sweeter and more memorable than any blow out win. Thanks again for your expert and professional help in bringing this to fruition. I consider this to be an answer to my prayers in the best way possible.

Dr. Kirk Winward

Randy and Brett,

I just want to thank you for the greatest hunt I have ever been on! When you said, "hunting desert sheep on the Escalante was a very challenging experience, you were not exaggerating." I am sure I had the best possible guides I could have ever had. Hunting with Brett, his dad Nolan, and packers Zach and Riley was a blast. I only regret that I can only do that hunt once. Maybe we can now hunt elk together in Utah in the near future. Again, thanks for all you have done for me.

Dr. Darren Kay

Tuscon, AZ


All the people in the camp on my recent sheep hunt with HIGH DESERT were true sportsmen and great ethical people. I've been on several hunts with you guys and I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I have had many great and exciting hunts in my life all over the world but none better than this one!!!

Also Randy, please give your wife my love as she prepared so much delicious food. The other wives did likewise and that made an added wonder to this great hunt.

Carpe’ Diem

Now please come and get your books, each of you!!


SLC, Utah


I was so blessed when I drew the once in a lifetime desert sheep tag in Utah. Hunting desert sheep had always been my dream, but I truly believed I would never draw a tag. I literally cried the day I found out I drew a tag. I was absolutely determined to hunt my ram with a bow since I had already killed a dall ram and a bighorn ram with my bow. I knew this would be a very difficult task. I was torn between doing the hunt on my own or hiring a guide. I knew that ultimately this would be my one and only chance to hunt desert bighorn and I wanted all the help I could get. I made the right decision.

Randy was invaluable to the success of my hunt. He treated me like a hunting buddy rather than my guide. I met him for the first time when he took us out on a scouting trip before the season began. I felt like I already knew him from the countless conversations we continually had discussing the hunt. After spending a few days with him scouting for sheep I knew I had a friend for life. He wasn't just any guide. I felt like he cared more about my success than if it were his own tag. He took the time to answer all my questions and then some. He has been a positive and reassuring friend from the time I drew the tag to this very day. Not just on the hunt.

I had stalks on trophy quality rams every single day I hunted. Randy was so patient knowing that if I had been carrying a rifle the hunt would be over, but he continued to support my dream of taking this ram with a bow day after day. When I finally took my ram I truly felt that it was not my success, it was a team success. Randy is an excellent guide and even better person.

Rebecca Francis


I would like to thank you and Brett Caldwell for one of the best hunts that I have ever been on. Even when the circumstances got tough, you made a difficult situation a positive experience for me. You kept my spirits up even when I wanted to quit and go home. Your superior knowledge of the area was amazing. You ultimately found me my ram and made one of my hunting dreams come true. Thank-you so much.

Steve Jones

Upper Lake, California

Randy and Brett,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell the crew at High Desert a heart-felt, thank you. I never imagined I'd be drawing my once in a lifetime Desert Sheep tag with only five points, needless to say, I was ecstatic. I'll be the first to admit my knowledge about sheep hunting was extremely limited, I'd only been able to admire everyone else's successful sheep hunts, but now it was my turn. I also knew very little about the particular unit I had drawn my tag for. Within a few days after drawing I had started to do some research about my hunt. I was told how tough, and physically demanding my hunt would be, by literally every person I had talked to, not to mention the sheep numbers had been rapidly falling over the last decade. Some people even said I might be lucky to see "a sheep." I had heard countless recommendations for High Desert Wild Sheep Guides, and within a week after drawing I had contacted them.

I found Randy and Brett to be very helpful with all of my questions, and told them I would be getting back to them shortly. After tossing the idea of going guided on this hunt for a week after speaking with Randy, I had made up my mind- I was going to use Randy and Brett's services. I just didn't want to risk going into this hunt blind. These guys had been on this unit for over twenty years, and knew it better than anyone.

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to join the guys on a couple scouting trips and a hunt. I had learned a lot about sheep in a couple of the trips, and felt like I had known these guys for a long time. My hunt had finally arrived, we met on a Friday night and made our journey into the unit with full packs, and head lamps on. It lived up to be as rugged as everyone said it would be. Over the next few days we hunted very hard and it was clear the unit was not like it used to be. After 8 days of sun-up to sun-down we had finally tagged a great, old ram. I couldn't have been happier with the whole experience. Brett and Randy were as hard of hunters as I've ever been around, but more importantly, they are good friends and I feel like I have made friends for life.

Colton Giles


I just wanted to take a minute and share a heart felt thank you. As you know, the odds were stacked against us. Only having the last four days of the late season Bison hunt on the Henrie mountains was going to be tough. The bison had been pushed all over the mountains, there was a full moon, and plenty of constant pressure from hunters still trying to fill tags. This is where HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES shined the

brightest. Never once did you guys navigate from the goal of punching that tag. On two different occasions you placed me in a perfect position to harvest and I could not deliver, however, we continued to push forward and kill a terrific Bison on the last day. Words can not describe the amount of respect I have for all of you. I live at sea level so the four days at higher elevations 7K plus were extremely hard for me. You were able to adjust and work with me despite my less than 100 percent condition. I have never hunted with harder working, considerate, encouraging people in my life. I owe my success to you. I am, and always will be in constant awe of your strength, ability, and never quit attitude. From the meals, to harvest, and the pack out, everything was a first class hunting camp. I truly look forward to our next opportunity to hunt together. Ryan Olsen

WhiteBone Creations

Where every critter is a trophy...

Randy, Bret,

What a marvelous experience I had chasing Desert Bighorn Sheep around the red rocks and sand dunes of Southern Utah. For my first ever sheep hunt the story could not have been crafted any better. The habitat was much more remote and rugged than I had ever imagined. To think that any animal could call this uninhabitable country home is beyond belief. Even more difficult to believe is how you guys can actually find sheep in their own backyard with the success that you do. To me it seemed an un-daunting task of looking for a "needle in a hay stack" with the needle always moving around!

I knew the hunt would be physical challenging but what I didn't know was how mentally challenging hunting sheep could really be. Thank goodness you guys had the knowledge to push me past both the physical and mental hurdles. Through the 90 degree days, the lightening storms, the steep assents and even steeper descents you guys were right there with me. Your ability to understand both the sheep and the hunter made this hunt a huge success.I am now hooked on sheep hunting and have already started planning my future Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep hunt. When I finally draw a tag the first person I plan to call is High Desert Wild Sheep Guides. Thanks guys for everything,Klen Brooks

Randy, Brett, and Miller,

Nick and I would like to thank you for the trip of a lifetime! We had an awesome experience! It was great to see how the

ps. Thanks for bringing my men back alive. Tracee Nelson :)

BEST GUIDES do it. We appreciated your knowledge of the area and your expertise and professionalism. HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES is one First Class Operation! I'll be recommending you to anyone I hear of drawing a tag! THANKS AGAIN!

Kurt Nelson, Nick Nelson


After drawing a moose tag in 05 I didn't think I had a chance of any kind to ever draw a Utah desert sheep tag. So, after the shock of learning that I had drawn a desert sheep tag wore off last spring I decided to hire a guide for my hunt. I wanted to make sure I made the most out of my "Once In A Lifetime Experience." All of my research kept pointing to HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES so I called Randy and booked my hunt. That's when the work began as I wanted to make sure I was prepared with the right gear. I had never been on

a backpack hunt before. I also wanted do everything in my power to see that I was prepared physically for the challenges ahead of me out on the mountain chasing big rams. I am sure thankful for the HIGH DESERT' web page with the gear list and the sheep shape links. Those resources provided me with everything I needed to get myself prepared for my hunt. I was sure pumped with adrenalin when I found out that Randy Johnson and Brett Caldwell were both going to be guiding me! I am so impressed with Randy and Brett. They know how to hunt sheep and they are very good at it. They are two of the hardest working guides you will ever see and are very fun guys to hunt with. They made my hunt the most amazing experience I have ever been on. I am glad that I can call Randy and Brett my friends.Robert Evans


After taking a Utah Rocky in 1999 and then a ARRO Dall ram in 2002 I felt like I had won the lottery when I found out in May 2011 that I had drawn a Utah Escalante Desert tag. The first calls I made were to my wife and boys and the next call was to Randy Johnson asking him if he would guide me on this hunt of a lifetime. I had long known if I got lucky with this tag that I wanted to go with nobody else but Randy and his crew. They have long had the reputation of being the best at what they do within the sheep hunting community.

On October 27th, after many unexpected challenges that made it seem like I would never get to go on this hunt, I took my ram with Randy and my two sons by my side. I was also lucky enough to have Randy and his partner Brett Caldwell on my hunt as I was the last hunt for High Desert this year. These guys worked harder than anyone could ever imagine to get us into this inhospitable country and make sure I got my ram. I have nothing but praise, admiration and respect

for the way they treated me and my family. The honesty and work ethic are nothing like I have ever seen before and I was in the Outfitting business myself for many years. These three guys are the toughest people I have ever been around and they know what they are doing when it comes to sheep country. They are simply the best at what they do. Thank you TEAM HIGH DESERT !!!

Cal Bambrough


Sheep Guides, my hind quarters, you are elk hunters, and you know it!!!!

I had the privilege of bowhunting elk on the Beaver unit with HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES Bryant and Randy Johnson last week (Sept. 2012). Hunting is enjoyable, tagging out is a great bonus, but spending time with true hunters and friends in the high country is the real deal. As soon as you spend time with Bryant and Randy, it does not take you long to realize the quality people with whom one is dealing. I was lucky enough to personally meet Bryant and Randy"s family and soon realized the true "definition" of family. I was honored to be exposed, in a small way, to that beautiful family dynamic.


After waiting 18 years for my chance to get a Desert Sheep, I was more than ready to go. I knew who I wanted to guide me on this hunt before I even drew my tag. So as soon as I learned that this was my lucky year, I called Randy with HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES and my adventure of a lifetime began.

Ok, enough of those "horse apples!" Did I tell you I arrowed a bull pushing "380"? What a rush! Anyone can touch the release and harvest an animal, but the true art is being put into that position. Bryant knows every inch of the Tushars, patterns the bulls, and puts the hunter into that place. He is also an excellent videographer during crunch time! Professional, ethical, dedicated, fit, and a standup comedian in training is how I would describe Bryant. Bring your running shoes, should you decide to hunt with him (or just stay close and "draft" behind that large mass flying in front of you). If you chase elk with Bryant & Randy, you will be rewarded one way or another.

Dr. Sam H. Bradley, DVM Lewistown, Mt/ Manhattan Beach, Ca

Thanks again Randy for such a successful and rewarding hunt!Mitch Olsen

Hyrum, Utah

After the long drive I was in for one of the toughest hunts of my life. Even as tough as it was, it was definitely one of the most thrilling and memorable hunts I have ever been on. There is nothing more exciting than sneaking up on a huge monster ram that you have worked so hard to get! I think Randy was every bit as excited as I was and he even nicknamed my ram “The Sledgehammer” which seemed quite appropriate the closer we got to him. Randy is professional, knowledgeable and one of the most “Die Hard” guides I have ever met.


Hope your legs are healing as I know you are getting ready for your next adventure on the Escalante. Wanted to express my thanks for helping me successfully conclude my once in a lifetime “Dirty Devil Desert Sheep Hunt.” Wow, what an

adventure! From the thunderstorm on Friday night that rattled us in our tents, to drinking muddy water out of pot holes, heavy packs, and “unsurmountable” slick rock mountains. What an experience!

Also, I would like you to list me as a reference for future clients. When you come across a class act organization like yourself, and HIGH DESERT SHEEP GUIDES people need to know. Your dedicated service, professionalism, and knowledge exceeded my expectations.

Thanks Again,

Gordon R. Smith

Mountain Archery

Rexburg, Idaho 208-656-0616

My life has been full of many experiences that have been of great value in making me who I am. As I look back on my life, my time spent hunting and being with nature are events treasured beyond measure.

I have been fortunate to have been on four desert sheep hunts when my brother, son, son-in- law, and nephew were the fortunate ones that had the hunting permit. I was invited "on the mountain with them" to be of assistance where I could. On all four occasions the guides were Brett Caldwell and or Randy Johnson. Having hunted wild sheep for nearly 35 years I can say without any hesitation that Randy and Brett are the most qualified sheep guides that I know. Being in their company and learning from them each time has made me appreciate their professionalism. It is difficult for me to express my feelings when seeing the joy and accomplishment come to those that are close to me successfully taking a Utah desert ram. I will never forget seeing the shouts of joy through a spotting scope and hearing the echo through the desert canyons of both my son and son-in-law. Later, seeing tears of joy spill down my son's face will never be forgotten. Treasured moments like these will be carried with me forever. Thanks to both Randy and Brett for making life better through my hunting experiences while being with them.

Merlynn Jones

Provo, Utah

In 2010 I was lucky enough to draw the Utah Desert Sheep Sportsman's Tag. I spent the first day calling friends, and family, telling them of the great news. The next day I made a phone call to Randy Johnson. I knew a guide would not be an option for me on this hunt, but I wanted to pick Randy's brain.

Randy's knowledge, integrity, and ability to judge sheep is second to none. He helped me make good decisions, gave me great advice, and eventually became a GOOD Friend. If you are going to Sheep Hunt, you better call the HIGH DESERT TEAM! Thanks Randy for your willingness to help out a new Sheep Hunter.Mike RadfordSpringville, Ut

Anywhere you hunt for desert sheep it is bound to be a tough, challenging environment. Utah's sheep units are

considered to contain some of the meanest terrain in North

America. HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES has been scouting and guiding for big rams in Utah for longer than anyone I personally know. Randy, Brett and Bryant love doing what they is a passion for them to be out in the desert helping hunters achieve success. As a hunter you will not only experience a world class "once in a lifetime experience," but will gain lifetime friends.

Steve & Judy Perry

Lindon, Utah

My desert hunt sheep on Utah's Escalante Unit was the most difficult but most rewarding hunt of my life. HIGH DESERT

WILD SHEEP GUIDES Randy Johnson and Brett Caldwell were very patience with me until we got it done! I would highly recommend them to any one that has ever coveted a sheep tag. In my opinion they are the best sheep guides in Utah.

Gary Brewer

SLC, Utah

I have been hunting sheep for 16 years now. Over this time I have had the opportunity to hunt with some very knowledgeable and special people. One of those people happens to be Brett Caldwell. I was lucky enough to enlist Brett's help for both of my desert bighorn hunts. With his help it is no coincidence that I was able to come away with two great rams. Brett's knowledge of desert sheep is second to no one. He is also one of the hardest working individuals I have came across. He will stop at nothing to make sure you get a quality ram. Combine his knowledge and work ethic with his positive attitude and you are truly in for a very fun hunt. I truly hope to have the opportunity to hunt with Brett and HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES in the future. He is as honest, hard working person as well as a great sheep guide and I am proud to have him as a friend.

Pat Juhl

Oregon 541-884-3611

When I drew my "once in a lifetime" tag, I didn't want to leave anything to chance. My requirements for a guide/outfitte were simple: intimate knowledge of the unit I was hunting; high ethical and moral standards of conduct; professional conduct and understanding of my unique expectations and willingness to work with me to achieve those expectations. After extensive research, I chose Randy Johnson who provided me with an experience I will never forget!"

Glen Blackhard


I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the Desert Sheep Hunt of a lifetime! Not only was it a fabulous hunt, which I killed a very special ram on, but it was with some very special old and new friends. In High School

In 2007 I had the unbelievable fortune of drawing the Utah Kaparowitz non-resident Desert Sheep tag with zero bonus

we were fierce competitors, doing everything we could do to beat each other. Now as old men we have become very good friends as a result of this hunt. For that reason alone this was a hunt I will never forget. I truly believe that there are only a very few things we will take with us to the "other side" when our time comes...........friendships is one of these things!! I couldn't be more happy that we have kindled that friendship with this hunt, and I do hope there will be a few more of these good times left in both of us. It was my privilege to be able to share this most special hunt with you. By the way, Randy, you're not too shabby as a guide either!!

Kim Rappleye

Smithfield, Utah

Bruce KirkpatrickPetersburg, PA 814-404-1051

points. After researching guides, it didn’t take me long to realize that one name rose to the top. I couldn’t have found a better guide than Randy Johnson to direct my entrance into the sheep hunting world. Not only did we take a once-in-a-lifetime ram on that hunt, but we started a lifelong friendship as well. Randy continues to be a willing sheep hunting resource even though he stands to gain nothing from it other than the joy of seeing another hunter pursue the dream of acquiring the coveted Full-Curl of North American Wild Sheep. Randy’s year-long dedication to getting out on the mountain is matched by few. His commitment to physical fitness, preparation and scouting is a year-round activity. If you ever have the chance to hunt with High Desert Wild Sheep Guides, don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

I have hunted with Randy for many years. We have hunted sheep, deer, goats, horns, and to explore new routes to get into some of the most remote country in the world. I can’t think of another guide who I would have more faith in to get the job done and do it the right

We hunted and scouted Desert sheep in the Escalante Unit for 15 days, 174 GPS miles, and I don’t know how many vertical feet, but to say a lot would definitely be an understatement. We found my prize desert fighting with two other rams in some unnamed slick-rock canyon.Zane Morris

SLC, Ut 801-560-9112

way. If you want tough, dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly, and ethical then you have found the right guide. I would not think of going into sheep country without going with or a least talking to Randy about a plan.